Roma - 18/09/2018 : 03/11/2018

Mostra collettiva


Comunicato stampa

The opera building is too short – a secular building steals the show. The Ringstraße that swallowed up the rubble of the fortress walls is suddenly raised. The plinth is atrophied. Following a short public campaign, hounded by relentless derisive criticism, the architect hangs himself. Barely ten weeks later his business partner suffers a fatal heart attack. A civic drama. The gruesome finale of this theatre horrifies the emperor

It is said that from then on he says of every new build, in what has since degenerated into the hackneyed phrase, “It was very nice, I was really delighted with it.” Small forgotten catastrophes of representation..

Relevelations. Una collettiva a Roma

Galerie Emanuel Layr, Roma ‒ fino al 3 novembre 2018. Sotto la curatela di Robert Müller, sono esposti a Roma i lavori di diversi artisti nell’ambizioso ed eterogeneo progetto “Relevelations”, complementare alla mostra “Elevations” ospite della Emanuel Layr di Vienna.