Libera. Tra Warhol, Vedova e Christo / La Collezione Impermanente #2

Bergamo - 30/05/2019 : 06/01/2020

Secondo progetto del ciclo “La Collezione Impermanente”.


Comunicato stampa

The rooms of the Gallery will host Libera. Tra Warhol, Vedova e Christo, the second project in the cycle “La Collezione Impermanente”: the platform which since 2018 has served to make the museum collection an instrument for the activation of memories and the involvement of the public through the use of innovative exhibition formats

Originating from the encounter between the GAMeC collections and a set of prestigious works confiscated in Lombardy and managed by the National Agency for the Administration and Destination of Assets Seized or Confiscated, the exhibition will be split into four thematic areas, providing a unique opportunity to explore some of the key international artistic currents —from the Informal to geometric abstraction, from Nouveau Réalisme to Pop Art, from Minimalism to Arte Povera —through stimulating comparisons and associations.

Entrusted to Bergamo Town Council on the request of the Regional Secretariat of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities of Lombardy, the confiscated collection will for the first time be placed in dialogue with major works from the GAMeC Collection, and will present a rich selection of works by some of the most famous international artists of the second half of the 20thcentury —Jean Arp, Alberto Burri, Christo, Jean Fautrier, Hans Hartung, Sol LeWitt, Giulio Paolini, Pino Pascali, Giuseppe Penone, Ettore Spalletti, Emilio Vedova, Andy Warhol, Wols, to name but a few— celebrating the creative freedom and the emancipation of art from its restrictions of tradition.

La poesia luminosa di Jenny Holzer. A Bergamo

Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo – fino al 1° settembre 2019. Nella Sala delle Capriate del Palazzo della Ragione l'artista americana sovrappone versi di poeti novecenteschi e contemporanei agli affreschi presenti sulle pareti. Una Jenny Holzer più lirica del solito, nonostante i temi scelti.