55. Biennale – Zsolt Asztalos

Venezia - 30/05/2013 : 24/11/2013

Zsolt Asztalos rappresenta l'Ungheria alla Biennale di Venezia col progetto Fired but Unexploded.


Comunicato stampa

Each bomb is being made to destroy. So, by exploding it fulfil the role society has given it. But if it dosen't happen, a bomb remain a bomb? 
Is with this question that Zsolt Asztalos, called to represent Hungary at the 55th International Art Exhibition in Venice, presents his work 'Fired but Unexploded'. 
He looks into the other possible story: the story of the malfunctioning device as it leaves behind its original function, assumes a life of its own, starts writing a narrative, becomes a director of our lives through the contingency it introduces

It is an object of mercy, a threat, or a memorial. In Asztalos's video installation, unexploded bombs are revealed to have several functions and fields of interpretation. Floating in an indeterminable space, the bombs seem to exist, thanks to the sound effects that surround them.
 Zsolt Asztalos's "objets trouvés" are multiple representations of conflict situations, which everyone can interpretate basing on his personal, local, regional and global levels.