Volcano Extravaganza 2015

Stromboli - 17/07/2015 : 27/07/2015

Fiorucci Art Trust presenta: Volcano Extravaganza.


Comunicato stampa

In July 2015, the Sicilian island of Stromboli will host the fifth edition of Volcano Extravaganza, the yearly festival of contemporary art presented by Fiorucci Art Trust.

17-27 July 2015 | stromboli | italy


For this year’s programme, entitled In Favour of a Total Eclipse, curator Milovan Farronato will stage the adaptation of a prophetic manuscript whose author remains unknown

With its title acting in praise for obscurity, In Favour of a Total Eclipse will present a new series of artist’s projects taking place in the most hidden spots and unforeseeable locations of the volcanic island. The programme will begin with the new moon on Friday 17 July and last until 27 July, the peak of the Delta Aquarids meteor shower.

In Favour of a Total Eclipse will unfold over the course of three acts recalling the symbolism of the original, eponymous narrative text, where failing to appear was the virtue at stake. The manuscript was discovered upon Fiorucci Art Trust’s first visit to Stromboli in 2008 and it was handed over to the organisation to preserve and decipher its contents. The act of translating is difficult by definition and, in this specific instance, has not been resolved in all its parts. The composition in three sections of the manuscript is faithfully mirrored in the format of this year’s festival, yet a subjective interpretation of the original script is given. Two dates (20 & 24 July) are left purposely unprogrammed and open to reflection and meditative moments.

The active volcano and unlit landscape of Stromboli will become the natural, ideal stage for As below so above (17-19 July), including a special screening-cum-performance by Kenneth Anger & Brian Butler; a dance performance on top of the active volcano by Mathilde Rosier; and live Thermit welding on the darkest shores by Raphael Hefti.

During the second act (21-23 July), the powerful energies of the works of Thomas Zipp, Adriano Costa and Kembra Pfahler will come together to celebrate a tribute, apology and praise to the volcano. On three different days, the artists will each present a new work, including a parade, sacred offerings and collective performative actions. The title of this chapter is still being decoded, while its relation to transhumance seems certain.

The third and final act, La Catastrophe, will see otherworldly appearances and endings.

Goshka Macuga’s alien will deliver its first speech to humans and films by Pedro Paiva & João Maria Gusmão will open the possibilities for other kinds of sightings. On the last day, Christodoulos Panayiotou’s performative lecture will focus on the representation of death on stage.

In Favour of a Total Eclipse includes a collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, London, who will present a special music programme as part of Volcano Extravaganza. Legendary Italian DJ Daniele Baldelli will play a special 'Cosmic' disco set all-night long under the stars on 18 July, hosted at Stromboli’s club Mega. On 19 July, sound and sea waves will intertwine on the beach for a unique live set by a special guest TBA, played from a boat as a companion piece to Rafael Hefti's performance artwork. The Vinyl Factory film team will be on Stromboli documenting the events for their online channel. A special limited edition vinyl in celebration of Volcano Extravaganza 2015 will be released by The Vinyl Factory later in the year, including contributions from Adriano Costa, Kembra Pfahler and Thomas Zipp, among others.

Giovanna Silva will be photographer-in-residence and document Volcano Extravaganza in Stromboli through her work.

Food-design studio Arabeschi di Latte will join the last act to unveil the alchemic and alimentary properties of typical, locally sourced food products.

On Friday 18 September at 8pm, the Serpentine Galleries in association with Fiorucci Art Trust will present Christodoulos Panayiotou's Dying on Stage, a lecture/reading exploring the hierarchical order of literal, metaphorical and symbolic deaths on the stage, as well as the philological concept of 'tragic irony', through readings, videos and dance. This new version of Dying on Stage, which features dancer Jean Capeille in a choreography by Panayiotou, premieres in Stromboli on the occasion of In Favour of a Total Eclipse.

In keeping with this year’s attitude of concealing, artist Riccardo Arena was invited to produce a series of visuals for Fiorucci Art Trust’s Instagram, which are being published in the lead-up to the summer festival (@fiorucciartrust).

Raphael Hefti’s project is realised with the kind support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

In Favour of a Total Eclipse:

17 July Kenneth Anger & Brian Butler

18 July Mathilde Rosier

19 July Raphael Hefti

21 July Thomas Zipp

22 July Adriano Costa

23 July Kembra Pfahler

25 July Goshka Macuga

26 July Pedro Paiva & João Maria Gusmão,

27 July Christodoulos Panayiotou

Music programme presented by Vinyl Factory:

18 July Daniele Baldelli

19 July The Vinyl Factory DJs & Special Guests