The I Love You Project

Venezia - 05/06/2014 : 13/06/2014

Video Art durante the MORPHOS - Sustainable Empires Festival. Screening The I Love You Project videos a Palazzo Albrizzi.


Comunicato stampa

Video-art from The I Love You Project by New York artist Debbie Davies will be screened in Venice, Italy at the Palazzo Albrizzi as part of the MORPHOS - Sustainable Empires art festival June 6-13. Participants from Barcelona and the German cities of Frankfurt, Giessen, and Berlin are featured in these videos. Their images were captured using a digital microscope camera. Participants were recorded saying "I Love You" in different languages and combined with original music by Julius Schön. Video editors Kendall Smith and Santina Amato collaborated on the videos

This project celebrates diversity and the changing environments we inhabit as cities become more culturally mixed. Our website is