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Galeria Alessandra Bonomo is pleased to announce its new exhibition “TESTE”
JUNE 4- SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
head (hɛd)
npl head
1. (Anatomy) the upper or front part of the body in vertebrates, including man, that contains and protects the brain, eyes, mouth, and nose and ears when present.
2. (Anatomy) the corresponding part of an invertebrate animal
3. something resembling a head in form or function, such as the top of a tool
4. (Sociology)
a. the person commanding most authority within a group, organization, etc
b. (as modifier): head buyer.
c. (in combination): headmaster.

the position of leadership or command: at the head of his class.
a. the most forward part of a thing; a part that juts out; front: the head of a queue.
b. (as modifier): head point.
7. the highest part of a thing; upper end: the head of the pass.
8. (Brewing) the froth on the top of a glass of beer
9. aptitude, intelligence, and emotions (esp in the phrases above or over one's head, have a head for, keep one's head, lose one's head, etc): she has a good head for figures; a wise old head.
10. a person or animal considered as a unit: the show was two pounds per head; six hundred head of cattle.
11. the head considered as a measure of length or height: he's a head taller than his mother.
12. (Botany) botany
a. a dense inflorescence such as that of the daisy and other composite plants
b. any other compact terminal part of a plant, such as the leaves of a cabbage or lettuce
13. a culmination or crisis (esp in the phrase bring or come to a head)
14. (Pathology) the pus-filled tip or central part of a pimple, boil, etc
15. the head considered as the part of the body on which hair grows densely: a fine head of hair.
16. (Physical Geography) the source or origin of a river or stream
17. (Physical Geography) (capital when part of name) a headland or promontory, esp a high one
18. (Currencies) the obverse of a coin, usually bearing a portrait of the head or a full figure of a monarch, deity, etc. Compare tail1
19. a main point or division of an argument, discourse, etc
20. (Journalism & Publishing) (often plural) the headline at the top of a newspaper article or the heading of a section within an article
21. (Nautical Terms) nautical
a. the front part of a ship or boat
b. (in sailing ships) the upper corner or edge of a sail
c. the top of any spar or derrick
d. any vertical timber cut to shape
e. (often plural) a slang word for lavatory
22. (Grammar) grammar another word for governor7
23. (Instruments) the taut membrane of a drum, tambourine, etc
24. (General Physics)
a. the height of the surface of liquid above a specific point, esp when considered or used as a measure of the pressure at that point: a head of four feet.
b. pressure of water, caused by height or velocity, measured in terms of a vertical column of water
c. any pressure: a head of steam in the boiler.
25. (Pharmacology)
a. a person who regularly takes drugs, esp LSD or cannabis
b. (in combination): an acidhead; a pothead.
26. (Mining & Quarrying) mining a road driven into the coal face
a. the terminal point of a route
b. (in combination): railhead.
28. (General Engineering) a device on a turning or boring machine, such as a lathe, that is equipped with one or more cutting tools held to the work by this device
29. (Automotive Engineering) See cylinder head
30. (Electronics) an electromagnet that can read, write, or erase information on a magnetic medium such as a magnetic tape, disk, or drum, used in computers, tape recorders, etc
31. (Education) short for headmaster, headmistress
32. (Horse Racing)
a. the head of a horse considered as a narrow margin in the outcome of a race (in the phrase win by a head)
b. any narrow margin of victory (in the phrase (win) by a head)
33. (Pathology) short for headache
34. (Curling) curling the stones lying in the house after all 16 have been played
35. (Bowls & Bowling) bowls the jack and the bowls that have been played considered together as a target area
36. (Rugby) against the head rugby from the opposing side's put-in to the scrum
[Old English hēafod; related to Old Norse haufuth, Old Frisian hāved, Old Saxon hōbid, Old High German houbit]
Ben Bloomstein was born in 1988 in NYC.LIves and works in NYC
Matt Kenny was born in 1979 in Kansas City, Missouri. Lives and works in NYC
Tristano di Robilant was born in 1964 in London. Lives and work in Ripabianca,Umbria.
Rand Hardy was born in 1944 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsilvania. Lives and works in NYC