Sterling Ruby – A Project in Four Acts

Venezia - 20/04/2022 : 20/04/2022

Inaugurazione del nuovo spazio.


  • Indirizzo: Fondamenta Diedo, 30121 - Venezia - Veneto
  • Quando: dal 20/04/2022 - al 20/04/2022
  • Vernissage: 20/04/2022
  • Autori: Sterling Ruby
  • Generi: inaugurazione

Comunicato stampa

The Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust has acquired the Palazzo Diedo in Venice, which will be converted into a venue for exhibitions and artist residencies as part of the new Berggruen Arts & Culture initiative. To bring the palazzo to life during its renovation and make its new role visible to the public, the institution has named Sterling Ruby its inaugural artist-in-residence. Ruby is creating a multiyear site-specific installation titled "A Project in Four Acts." The first phase is a relief structure that leans across the façade of the building

As construction commences, he will stage two exterior installations enclosing the building as it transforms. The residency will conclude with an exhibition of Ruby’s work at Palazzo Diedo in conjunction with its official opening in spring 2024.