Split personalities

Torino - 13/09/2014 : 13/10/2014

Mostra doppia personale.


  • Indirizzo: Via Saluzzo 11g - Torino - Piemonte
  • Quando: dal 13/09/2014 - al 13/10/2014
  • Vernissage: 13/09/2014 ore 17,30
  • Autori: Mr. Penfold, Matthew Knight
  • Generi: doppia personale, street art

Comunicato stampa

Mr Penfold hails from Cambridge, England, and currently living in Bristol. He works as an artist and designer showing his work all over the world. After leaving school he started working in a professional collaborative printmaking studio making work for and with artists of international repute. Over the last 8 years he has developed a very distinctive way of working and a range of imagery that is unmistakable. He has been formed by a number of influences ranging from skateboard graphics to classical and formal abstraction

He has developed a distinctive and recognisable palette and formulated a set of conditions that he applies to his work. Penfold has worked for Record companies designing album sleeves and brand identities. He has also produced designs for various clothing brands as well as being involved with marketing campaigns for companies such as Smirnoff & Microsoft. Mr Penfold works in a variety of fields and mediums including painting, sculpture, graphic design, large scale murals, installations and screenprinting. His work can be seen all over the UK, USA, Australia & Europe.

Matthew Knight is starting to make a name for himself lately with shows in Amsterdam, London, Belfast and Dublin. His work can be found on an array of surfaces from the streets to abandoned buildings. The Ballygowan native paints characters and designs filled with crazy amounts of detail and patterns. He grew up in Pakistan and this had a huge impact on him, ‘I experienced one hell of a crazy and wonderful upbringing. The influence that country had on me has never diminished.’ He explains how the troubles also were a real eye opener when he returned to Belfast. ‘The first I learned of the Troubles or any religious background that I had was on the flight over 2 hours before my plane landed. I was so used to Eastern culture that Western culture has always felt quite alien to me. So I draw from all those experiences putting that into each and every character I create.’ ‘I like my grey backgrounds as it reflects how dull the backgrounds can be compared to the characters in them where I concentrate all the colour.