Siamo un infinito viaggiare

Volterra - 31/08/2021 : 30/11/2021

Mostra collettiva.


  • Indirizzo: Piazza Dei Priori - Volterra - Toscana
  • Quando: dal 31/08/2021 - al 30/11/2021
  • Vernissage: 31/08/2021 no
  • Curatori: Giorgio Bedoni
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, collettiva

Comunicato stampa

Will be inaugurated Saturday 28 August at Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra (PI), Tuscany, the group show "Siamo un infinito viaggiare/We are an Infinite Traveling", presented and curated by Giorgio Bedoni in collaboration with “Inclusione, Graffio e Parola” Association.

On display are the numerous and imaginative works of national and international historical and contemporary artists and exponents of Art Brut: Umberto Gervasi, Jadaiya, Maria Chiara Marino, Simone Pellegrini, Stefano Zangiacomi, Maurizio (Zap) Zappon, Carlo Zinelli, in homage to the great human and artistic story of Fernando Nannetti (NOF4)

Art tells us how the journey is necessary, it does not matter if it is undertaken among papers, lines that draw maps or in the life of real landscapes. It is not only the theme of the journey but also of man, of the individual.

The exhibition will take place until the 30 November 2021.