Seboo Migone – So Many Forgotten Sunsets

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Via del Gesù 62, Roma, Italia
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Seboo Migone
arte contemporanea, personale

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Galleria Alessandra Bonomo is pleased to present So Many Forgotten Sunsets, Seboo Migone’s first one man show in the gallery. A selection of oil paintings on canvas, portraits on wood as well as an anthology of studies from nature and self - portraits in pencil and charcoal will be exhibited.

The artist’s painterly vocabulary is dense and layered. The need to tell stories and experience states of mind is revealed in all its sincerity in his large-scale paintings on canvas.
The artist merges with landscape through a metamorphosis, generating a kind of terrain vague in which the internal and external landscape meet and geography meets the psyche (Alan Jones 2010).

As much as nature is celebrated, it is at the same time concealed, privileging the experience of a third dimension - in which one witnesses a continual role reversal between the observer and the observed- to a simplistic rendition of nature.

Use of colour reveals the influence of the Abstract Expressionists in New York: Mark Rothko, Philip Guston and his ability to mediate between the spontaneous and the studied, between the primitive and the sophisticated are essential points of reference for Seboo Migone’s paintings; as much as the season of French painting at the turn of the century through Van Gogh, Gauguin, Pierre Bonnard, Munch and André Derain play a primary role in shaping his style.

Although the subjects of his paintings are never preconceived and are born out of an absolute absence of certainties, self- portraits and landscapes can be seen as open windows allowing something other to fly in, revealing a transitory and elusive nature of his perception of identity.
Paintings and drawings are imagined as sources of internal light, as screens.
In charcoal drawings the attempt is to retrieve the warm tone of the piece of paper.
With his eyes open or shut the painter waits for that moment in which the grip on his subjects loosens.


Seboo Migone was born in Rome in 1968. He graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in1992, and today he lives and works in Rome and Val d’Orcia. During his career he took part of many exhibitions in Italy and abroad, exhibiting in New York, Gibellina, London and Rome. 6 Personali, Castelluccio di Pienza, curated by Plinio de Martiis (1997); New York Paintings, Earl McGrath Gallery, New York (2000); One year work, Granaio della Foce (2001); New paintings, Earl McGrath Gallery, New York (2002); Laboratorio, Orestiadi Foundation, Gibellina (2002); At wood's edge, T.1 + 2 Gallery, London (2008); Carta d’identità degli stati d’animo, Pastificio Cerere Foundation, curated by Alan Jones (2010); What the mountain hides, Altomonte Euromediterranean Festival (2008); Solitary Joys, Palazzo Morelli, Todi (2011); Caveman, Studio Angeletti (2012); Biografie visionarie, Wunderkammern, Rome (2012); Misteriosi movimenti a Monte Savello, Palazzo Orsini, Rome (2013).