Santiago Reyes Villaveces / Gonçalo Preto – Untitled.

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Via Giovanni Lulli, 5, 20131 , Milano, Italia
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Santiago Reyes Villaveces, Gonçalo Preto
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Untitled. is a project conceived in collaboration with Madragoa dedicated to two new works by Santiago Reyes Villaveces (Bogotà, 1986) and Gonçalo Preto (Lisbon, 1991). Initially produced as pivotal works of the presentations at Artissima and Liste 2020, they find a new aesthetic and conceptual collocation in this project.
Santiago Reyes Villaveces presents Sunpower, a multifaceted sculpture made up of metal sections covered of graphite drawings. Like a satellite solar panel, Sunpower unfolds in a circular shape reminiscent of space exploration but also pre-Columbian artifacts. In Sunpower the Colombian artist continues his research on the theme of colonialism and the history of his country; the work in fact directly recalls the cosmogonic connection of pre-Columbian societies with gold, the sun and light as the source of all energy.
Gonçalo Preto presents Myopia (ORANGE), an oil painting on panel, in which a solar ring appears suspended on an almost uniform black background. A recurring geometric element in Max Ernst's work, as in the representations of the afterlife visions of the pre-Renaissance painting tradition, the apparently floating circle actually occupies a position of balance in the visual field, similar to a gravitational field that organizes space. Through a reduction to the essential, the painting offers a reflection on the very elements of the pictorial composition, such as the harmony achieved thanks to the simple counterpoint of form and color, focalization, and the mechanism of vision.