Renata Morales / Marina Abramović

Venezia - 07/05/2019 : 06/07/2019

Phi presenta un doppio lavoro immersivo di Renata Morales e Marina Abramović.


Comunicato stampa

Phi, a leading arts and cultural organisation based in Montreal, will join the cultural landscape of the 58th Venice Biennale with the immersive work of two female artists, Renata Morales and Marina Abramović.
This project sees Phi establishing an ephemeral cultural centre at the Ca' Rezzonico Gallery showcasing their commitment to the intersection between art and technology and solidify their position at the forefront of exploration into how future generations will consume culture

The exhibition includes a mixed media installation entitled Invasor by Mexican artist Renata Morales and Rising, a virtual reality piece by Marina Abramović which explores the effects of climate change andascending sea levels.

Invasor is the culmination of a two year residency with Phi. The exhibition will be installed across two grand palazzo galleries filled with ceramic sculptures of female figures, animals, dinosaurs and strange chimeric beasts. These will be set amidst leftover objects and debris transported from José Noé Suro’s ceramics studio, Cerámica Suro in Guadalajara, Mexico where Morales has been fabricating her works. Suro’s passion for art and fostering international collaboration facilitated the realisation of Morales’ vision for Venice. An installation of 70 used tyres painted in glossy candy shades and huge self-portraits printedon distressed textiles will create a dystopian universe of opposites. Morales’ composite figures of assembled media challenge our perceptions of texture, touch, beauty, solace and violence.

Marina Abramović’s virtual reality piece Rising, produced by Acute Art, addresses climate change by transporting viewers to witness the effects of rising sea levels. Wearing an immersive headset, viewers enter an intimate virtual space, where they come face-to-face with the artist, who beckons from within a glass tank that is slowly filling with water. Visitors are invited to make contact with the virtual Abramović, finding themselves surrounded by a dramatic scene of melting polar ice caps. Abramović urges viewers to reconsider their impact on the world around them, asking them to choose whether or not to save her from drowning by pledging to support the environment, which lowers the water level in the tank.

Tempo presente. Marina Abramović e Renata Morales a Venezia

La Ca’ Rezzonico Gallery di Venezia accoglie il lavoro di Marina Abramović e Renata Morales, impegnate in una ricognizione critica sulle istanze contemporanee.