Rangga Aputra

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Via Lucchini 10, 6900 , Lugano, Switzerland
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Rangga Aputra
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Born 1995 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Rangga Aputra studied at the Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yo- gyakarta, Indonesia.
Since his childhood, Rangga Aputra has been interested in painting. He started to paint when he was at Senior High School. Influenced by some important exhibitions in Yogyakarta, today Rangga has already joined plenty of shows in his country and has also been awarded several times.
Anselm Kiefer, George Baselitz, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jean Dubuffet, Antoni Tàpies and Zao Wouki are some of “legend” artists (as he likes to call them) who have inspired him. Most of Rangga’s artworks highlight his interests for daily issues such as personal routines.
“Art is the game to play with the public perception. Art is also the therapy to sharpen the visual sensitivity”, he says. Monochrome colors are his typical landmark, whereas colors bring the nuance of deep reflection.

Rangga uses different tools, depending on the needs of the visual language to be delivered. Alongside acrylic and oil paint, he likes to play with texture and explore new materials such as asphalt, bitumen, car paint and spray, to get different results such as the color of the soil. he texture etchings are instead seen as a past that cannot be completely dismantled.
Memories remain in the present. However, it’s impossible to remember all the past and to scratch the entire the surface, because it quickly dries, and cannot be modified, like time, which cannot turn back and cannot be changed.

"I work as if I was remembering and writing random memories as a form of gradual self-digging. Memories of the past become personal things to dig deeper, and are then sorted and gathered into the artwork."

- Rangga Aputra