Ozlem Altin – interiore

Pistoia - 02/04/2016 : 21/05/2016

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  • Indirizzo: Via Amati 9 51100 pistoia - Pistoia - Toscana
  • Quando: dal 02/04/2016 - al 21/05/2016
  • Vernissage: 02/04/2016 ore 18
  • Autori: Ozlem Altin
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale
  • Orari: TUE - SAT 11am - 2pm / 3pm - 7pm or by appointment

Comunicato stampa

SpazioA is proud to present on Saturday April 2, 2016, 6pm, Interiore, a solo exhibition by Özlem Altin (*1977, Goch, DE) at the gallery project space.

The exhibition features a series of new works by the artist that deal with the attempt to grasp the body’s inner memory. Altin has been working on the issue of corporeality for several years. Her use of photography explored the medium’s capabilities in serving as an archive of the body marked by passive forms of labour: weight, exhaustion, pressure, and expansion

In this installation, she presents two large-scale photographs alongside a series of paintings and collages that seem to refer to modernist polymateric experiments.

These works do not qualify as abstracts by a mere reduction in form, however, and are uncomfortable themselves as paintings. Even if the printed images pinned on the canvas come from the artist’s own archive, their relationship with the photographs on display is purely genealogical. In fact, they seem to hint at the failure of a certain kind of representation that resists narration because it is inscribed in traumatic structures.

As in a sort of Freudian repression, the blotches of paint, the sagging plaster, and the inchoate graphemes mark the surface with the affective traces of a defence mechanism. The canvas, then, becomes a sticky field on which psychic dirt is sedimented, a reference to the violence exerted by the ideology of the cleansed self.

Özlem Altin studied at the Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem and at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Recent solo exhibitions include: Untitled (touch or melancholy), Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz (2016), Kiria Koula, San Francisco (2015), No story, no at Witte de With, Rotterdam (2015), Cathartic ballet, Circus, Berlin (2013).
Her work has also been included in group exhibitions such as: Regarding Spectatorship, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin (2015), The Moving Museum, Istanbul (2014), Das Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts, Hamburger Bahnhof (2013), Museum Off Museum, Bielefelder Kunstverein (2013), Salon der Angst, Kunsthalle Wien (2013).
She lives and works in Berlin.