Nora Renaud & Priscilla Tea – @rpa

Locarno - 09/11/2018 : 01/12/2018

La rada, a Locarno, inaugurerà l‘esposizione >@rpa<, basata su un dialogo tra le opere dell’artista ginevrina Nora Renaud e della pittrice milanese Priscilla Tea.


  • Luogo: LA RADA
  • Indirizzo: Via alla Morettina 2 secondo piano della Centrale Swisscom - Locarno - Ticino
  • Quando: dal 09/11/2018 - al 01/12/2018
  • Vernissage: 09/11/2018 ore 18
  • Autori: Priscilla Tea, Nora Renaud
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, doppia personale
  • Orari: visitabile dal giovedì al sabato, dalle 14 alle 19 e su appuntamento possibile anche nei giorni festivi.

Comunicato stampa

Venerdì 9 novembre alle ore 18, la rada, a Locarno, inaugurerà l‘esposizione >@[email protected]<, an exhibition based on a dialogue between the works of the Geneva artist Nora Renaud and the Milanese painter Priscilla Tea.

In different phases, their artistic production has been closely linked to the same artist, the cosmopolitan Miltos Manetas, who acts as special guest in this show.

The exhibition has an enigmatic title that on the one hand refers to the harp, on the other hand to digital language and mobile communication

The image chosen by the artists for the invitation also comes from a text chat between their smartphones.

The exhibition will be based on a dialogue - a resonance - between the two artists, who work with different media and techniques.

Nora Renaud's works show artisanal elements mixed with digital themes, while in Priscilla Tea's very contemporary large canvases references to nature coexist with parts of digital screens.

Therefore, the dialogue between the works will also highlight the transition made by the two artists between motifs and techniques that are temporally distant.

With regard to these works, and in agreement with Manetas, it is important to mention the concept of NeoHumble, conceived by Massimo Sterpi and which refers to the necessary understatement by the contemporary artist with respect to his being perceived as a VIP or in any case different from the people – something that reminds me of what is requested in Japan during the tea ceremony from all the participants, from whatever class they belong.

Moreover, Nora Renaud calls Hyperanalogy the ambiguity of some of her works between clearly digital forms and traditional objects, also woven by Indians from Colombia, where she lives.

Finally, Priscilla Tea has in the past used the concept of Metascreen for her paintings - with a very peculiar and effective technique - that somehow make you perceive the digital. They make us think of those who choose to remain analogical, even in the knowledge of today's tools and communications, and that our brains can see amazement going beyond banal objects such as technological gadgets.

We will then be surprised by what - between virtual and real - Miltos Manetas will realize on the occasion of this first dual project by Nora Renaud and Priscilla Tea.

The exhibition is curated by Riccardo Lisi and will last until Saturday, December 1st, 2018, open from Thursday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm and by appointment, also possible on holidays.

On Saturday November 17th the exhibition will not be open due to the participation of la rada in the event Farsi Spazio in Lugano, at Spazio Morel.

The annual programme of la rada is supported by DECS Repubblica e Stato del Canton Ticino, through the SwissLos funds, and by Migros Percento Culturale.

We would also like to thank the City of Locarno.

In the meantime, until October 30th, it is possible to visit at la rada the interesting exhibition Redeemed from ruins. Free from consequences of sin, with works by Matteo Emery, Lucas Herzig, Raphael Perret and Loredana Sperini, with a virtual presence of Armand Schulthess, curated by Rafael Kouto and Carolina Sanchez.