Noa Ironic – Riding your ego

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Via Marsala 7, 20122, Milano, Italia
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Noa Ironic
arte contemporanea, personale

Le opere di NOA IRONIC si caratterizzano e contraddistinguono, attraverso l’unica chiave di lettura che rappresenta la sua personalità: l’ironia. In un gioco a più livelli costruito tramite il filtro dell’ironia, l’artista tratta temi di un determinato spessore sia ideologico che psicologico. In allegato trovate il Press Release con maggiori informazioni relative alla mostra, all’artista e all’evento.

Comunicato stampa

The eccentricity of Pop Art and the structural
complexity of Conceptual Art find their cohesion
in the artworks by Israeli artist NOA IRONIC
(* 1993).
Starting from May 20, 2021, Plan X Art Gallery
opens the door to its new solo show in its new
and exclusive space in Via Marsala 7, Milan.
NOA IRONIC's works are characterized and
distinguished by the only key that represents
her personality: irony.
In a game of levels built through the filter of
irony, the artist deals with issues of a certain
depth both f rom an ideologi cal and
psychological point of view. Through her works,
NOA IRONIC gives rise to unique and original
characters, able of separating from their
physical function and finding their unique nature
in the personality that they represent at that
moment, in the gestures they make, in the
appearance they assume. Among the
protagonists of the show, there is an important
attention to the figure of the man and the
symbolism of the horse, considered fundamental elements both in civilization and in the history of
art. The horse has in fact accompanied man in the fundamental stages of his evolution: from an
essential workforce to means of transport and communication, from the valiant companion in battle
or hunting to a symbol of power and wealth, from the champion in horse races to a companion of
leisure and pleasure. Often associated with the figure of man, horses ideologically represent war,
power, social classes, and the philosophy of work. In NOA IRONIC's paintings, the combination of
man and horse finds its balance in the exaltation of the male ego. An ego represented both as a
protagonist and as a disturbing element, both as a point of strength and as a principle of weakness.
The particular choice of color and shape allows Noa Ironic to convey predominantly alarming and
provocative contents, through a vibrant and funny approach. A hybrid between what can be defined
as a game of attraction and experimentation, always in contact with a strong visual dimension.
In a figurative approach that leaves no room for interpretation, NOA IRONIC stands in front of the
observer, not with the intent to sensibilize him, but with the idea of inducing him to project himself
into what are often the self-destructive dynamics of every human soul. All the works presented were
made during the pandemic year of 2020, a period that has had a significant influence on the artistic
and evolutionary journey of the artist.
Noa Ironic "Where My Money At"
In an era characterized by individualism, Plan X Art Gallery establishes itself on the contemporary
art market with the mission of continuing to research, support, and represent artists from all over the
world trying to enhance their artistic production in the best possible way. At the base of every choice
there are incessant curatorial, aesthetic and conceptual studies.
From the concept that every great enterprise is driven by a strong desire for change, the two gallery
owners Marcello Polito and Nicolò Stabile founded Plan X Art Gallery with the intention of giving life
to an unconventional and innovative art gallery, distributed on the axis geographical area of the
dynamic metropolis of Milan, up to the magical island of Capri.
Marcello Polito and Nicolò Stabile (nominated in 2020 by Forbes in the list of the 30 Under 30 )
approach art with an unusual perspective, through which artists often assume the power and
freedom of conveying provocative messages, use unusual materials and represent discordant
realities, placing the observer in a condition of attention and thus leading him to overcome his visual
and ideological limits.
The gallery is based in Milan, Italy and has another exhibition space on the island of Capri.