Nathan Coley: Never Trust a Loving God

Roma - 05/02/2015 : 05/02/2015

Incontro con Nathan Coley.


  • Indirizzo: Via Antonio Gramsci 61 - Roma - Lazio
  • Quando: dal 05/02/2015 - al 05/02/2015
  • Vernissage: 05/02/2015 ore 18
  • Autori: Nathan Coley
  • Generi: incontro – conferenza

Comunicato stampa

Nathan Coley’s work explores discrepancies existing within the built world of architecture and the city as actually experienced. He raises this issue by dismantling or reconstructing situations, buildings and areas in different ways. He is interested in the idea of “public” space, and his practice explores the ways in which architecture becomes invested – and reinvested – with meaning. Across a range of media Coley investigates what the built environment reveals about the people it surrounds and how the social and individual response to it is in turn culturally conditioned

This talk has been made possible thanks to the kind support of the Craignish Trust.