Morgane Tschiember – (∂ + M) Ψ = 0​

Milano - 12/05/2016 : 10/06/2016

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Comunicato stampa

Photo credits by Gruppo Stabila S.r.l.

Press preview by accreditation 4pm: [email protected]
Opening Thursday 12th May 2016 7pm

Marsèlleria presents the first Italian solo show by artist Morgane Tschiember (1976) curated by Geraldine Blais, produced in collaboration with STABILA and STYLNOVE, partners of NUOVE//Residency, artist residency program in the industrial district in Nove (Vicenza).

Morgane Tschiember imagines a new body of works, stemmed from her recent experience in the two companies devoted to the production and manufacturing of earthenware and focuses on the analysis of the generative and processual nature of earth as material

Across two floors of the space of Marsèlleria in via Paullo, the artist presents a reflection on sculptural volumes, in a dialogue between industrial production and tradition.

A special thanks to: Ettore Dal Santo; the Mayor of Isola Vicentina, Francesco Enrico Gonzo; the Engineer Alfiero Marinelli; Gilberto Piazza and all the staff of Stabila Group.

The Stabila Group was officially founded in 1998 and is leader in Italy in structural clay tiles with a production of over one million tons per year. Their products provide high capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation, thermal inertia, breathability, strength and fire, characteristics of the production block and high thermal performance of the brand Alveolater®. The Stabila Group’s goal is the creation of sustainable buildings in the controlled and certified products - Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 - Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 - CE category I - collaborating alongside with institutions and major Environmental Organizations, for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the quarry areas. Currently the group Stabila is under extraordinary administration.