Matvey Levenstein

Roma - 14/09/2012 : 20/10/2012

Mostra personale di Matvey Levenstein e un'installazione di Max Renkel nello spazio annesso su Via della Lungara.


Comunicato stampa

Matvey Levenstein was born in Moscow, and while a teen his family moved, via brief stay in Rome, to the USA. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and at the Yale School of Art, afterwards moving to New York with a group of painters - including Lisa Yuskavage and John Currin - who since the 1990s have propelled American painting in a new direction

The works in this show, exquisitely prepared images on copper and canvas of American Pilgrim sites, ancient burial grounds, seascapes and forests from northern Long Island, are quiet meditations on time, evoking the artist's Russian past and his own personal journey.

Levenstein has been awarded numerous prizes including the Rome Prize of the American Academy, the Penny McCall Foundation Award, and the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Prize. His work has been shown in recent exhibitions at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art; and at the Drawing Center, and White Columns, in New York.