Keith Arnatt | Heidi Bucher | James Capper – Earth

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San Marco 3208 Salizzada Malipiero 30124 , Venezia, Italia
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Heidi Bucher, James Capper, Keith Arnatt
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ALMA ZEVI Venice is proud to present EARTH: Keith Arnatt, Heidi Bucher, James Capper; an exhibition exploring three radical artists’ work within the context of landscape and performance. Arnatt, Bucher and Capper use photography, collage and drawing to give concrete form to durational and ephemeral processes. By combining these different ways of art-making and documentation, each artist creates their own unique and self-contained world. The show follows on from ALMA ZEVI’s presentations of Heidi Bucher (2019, 2017) and James Capper (2017, 2015); and is the first time Keith Arnatt’s work has been shown in Italy since the major exhibition Decomposition at San Giovanni in Monte (Bologna, 1996).

The British artists Keith Arnatt (1930-2008) and James Capper (1987-) and the Swiss artist Heidi Bucher (1926- 1993) share a connection to Land Art, the dominant movement in the 1960s in both Europe and the United States. The artists associated with Land Art expanded the field of materials used within sculpture, for example, introducing earth, rocks and mud; infusing their practice with elements of Performance Art and documentary photography. It is within this framework that the singular artists in EARTH can be re-examined.

The exhibition will be viewable until 24 April 2021.
The gallery itself will re-open once the current restrictions have been lifted in Venice.