Incidents of phenomena

Roma - 05/06/2014 : 10/06/2014

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Comunicato stampa

The exhibition will begin in Rome, Italy at Spazio Cerere. It will be co-curated by an Italian, Indian and Burmese curator
invited by the exhibition organisers. The exhibition will have a selection of works by artists from each of these countries.
After Rome, the organisers will travel the exhibition to several cities around the world, including to Paris at Galerie Les
Filles Du Calvaire and New York at Gallery Christopher Henry. At each country, a local curator will be invited on board to
include artists from the region

The exhibition will travel to India in January 2015 and finally to Myanmar, later in 2015.INCIDENTS OF PHENOMENA

I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us
attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.1

Nature: The Harmony of Existence
Fantasy is the power of the human mind to envision memory with created reality. The idea
of “painting or capturing a perfect picture” conjures a thought of a perfect place, image,
relationship, object or situation. Perfection often draws its inspiration from nature, where
solace is sought, utopia is envisioned and beliefs are re-invested amongst trees, mountains
and deserts. Here the battle of beasts, the forces of rivers and the survival of the fittest are
humbly accepted as a balance to maintain the harmony of existence. This harmony exists
beyond manmade forced betrayal and untimely, unnatural incidents. Art has a synonymous
quality with the attempted utopia which exists only in nature. It is in a ‘painted picture’ or
‘perfect photograph’ that the reality of the ideal exists.

Urbanisation: An Incident in Nature
Generations of humans have disrupted cycles of nature with mining, construction,
deforestation and challenging natural courses which have led to disruption and global
warming. With the progress of technology and science in the 21st
century, politics, war,
calamities and destruction have disrupted equilibriums in society and shattered faiths and
dreams. Forests have helplessly lost battles to concrete jungles that have crept up on them;
rivers have swallowed themselves dry to make way for industries and factories; and the
animal kingdom has submitted species to extinction to allow man to thrive. As a
consolidation to new generations, urban developments create their profits by
reincorporating sustainable nature – they offer synthetic eco-friendly systems, deploy trees
to create greener pastures and sell genetically modified plants that offer a bonus of growing
two different vegetables at the same time!