I varchi del poi

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Piazza Caiazzo 3, Milano, Italia
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Sasha Vinci, Tiziana Pers, Maria Grazia Galesi
arte contemporanea, inaugurazione, collettiva

La mostra, corredata da un testo di Leonardo Caffo e un dialogo con Daniele Capra, presenta nuovi lavori degli artisti che indagano il concetto di possibilità e di anticipazione del presente.

Comunicato stampa

I varchi del poi

Tiziana Pers
Sasha Vinci
Maria Grazia Galesi

Texts of Leonardo Caffo and Daniele Capra

aA29 Project Room
Sottocorno st., 27 / Milan

vernissage and opening of the new location
thursday 15th December 2016 / 18.00 pm

16th December 2016 / 31st January 2017

Vinci/Galesi, I viaggiatori indossavano il fuoco della bellezza, 2016, print Hahnemuhle Rag on Ultrasmooth paper
Press Release

aA29 gallery is pleased to inaugurate the new location in Milan with the project I varchi del poi, with the works of Tiziana Pers, Sasha Vinci and Maria Grazia Galesi on Thursday, December 15th at 18.00 pm. The exhibition, accompanied by a written text of Leonardo Caffo and a dialogue with Daniele Capra, presents new works of the artists that explore the concept of possibility and anticipation in the present.

aA29 is a Project Room in the heart of the city, a place of participation and a multifunctional space opened to interdisciplinary dialogues, created to promote, through site-specific projects and residences, the most different forms of contemporary research. Directed by Gerardo Giurin, aA29 aims to discover and support the work of the artists triggering systems of relations that lead to new contents.
aA29 Project Room takes the name from the small asteroid 2002 AA29 co-orbiting with the Earth, to whose close approaches about every 95 years. It has been suggested that the asteroid may have formed from the collision between the Earth and Theia, the planet that, according to the giant impact theory, would have collided with it giving then the origins to the Moon.
The Milan office supports the Caserta and Prague locations.

The exhibition examines the centrality of the gesture and the artistic action as conceptual devices aimed to overcome the status quo and to find a gap between the shallows of the present. As he writes in his text Leonardo Caffo, "to anticipate means to bend the space-time. In this perspective art becomes the verification of philosophy but also, more important and decisive, the verification of life. For this the artist is a form of life that is impossible to separate from his work: the artist's meaning coincides with his use."

The duo Vinci / Galesi presents the project I viaggiatori indossavano il fuoco della bellezza, documented by a series of photographs in which the heads and hands of the two artists bloom of an ancient ritual. Their faces, covered by balaclavas, they make blind of flowers, while in the unfolding of petals looks and facial features disappear in the search for an (im)possible hybridization. With the recovery of an ancient hand gesture, such as the embroidery through flowers, a metamorphosis takes place in which the sense of the sacred and individual identities are projected elsewhere.
During the vernissage the project will come to life in a performance conceived for the location in Milan.

With Nativity Tiziana Pers continues the Art History project, in which the artist exchanges one of her works with an animal otherwise assigned to the slaughterhouse. In Nativity the protagonists are a donkey and a cow, saved the last summer during RAVE East Village Artist Residency. In a nativity that thinks of attendances and absences - consider, for example, the lack of human figures that in the sacred iconographic tradition play a central role - two animals are depicted now in a pictorial series whose focus is not so much an analytical description, as instead their life as unique and unrepeatable beings.

The last section of the exhibition is dedicated to the meeting between the drawings of Sasha Vinci and those of Tiziana Pers. Full of symbolism, the works on paper of Vinci represent birds, insects, platonic solids, men and women who walk themes not yet passed, in an attempt to build a relationship that goes beyond the constraints of nature and the structures of social and economic control. In parallel manner, the drawings of Pers tell stories of extra-ordinary chronicle of animals escaped from the slaughterhouse or saved by activist friends and fellow travelers: a narration for the last people of the world, able to break the chains of a future already written.
Tiziana Pers, Nativity, 2016, grafite su tela, cm 40 x 50