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Via Lucchini 10, 6900 , Lugano, Switzerland
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He Wei
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Who hasn’t ever heard of the “Picture of Dorian Gray”?
Who has never imagined this dismal and macabre deterioration of the soul recreated in a work of art?
How much we would like to be able to talk to Dorian, at the end of his long journey in the most dissolute and corrupted aesthetics, to understand how this research for a theatrical image of the self towards perfection, ends up disintegrating in front of the Art that reconfigures and reflects a disheartening reality?
Analysis and decomposition of the portrait are the basis of this new production by He Wei.
Dorian Gray from contemporaneity who crumble before the artist’s gaze. A gaze that embrace their true form. Dorian Gray who have tried, in their aim for existence and its relief, the contemporary ways of drugs. To ease the distress of being and the inability to maintain a definitive contact with an elusive reality, ever more rapid and changeable.
There is an underlying ambiguity in these paintings.
They have a curative, positive function: they are medicines, for a distorted reality.
But we cannot forget that they are, and will always be, a true representation of this reality: current portraits of a complex and disadvantaged human being, who needs to rebalance, through drugs, an excess of psychosis and schizophrenia.

Chemicals are an important constituent for the life of human beings.
They are origin.
They are the fundament of the nature at molecular level and, as such,
they are a direct challenge to theology.
They dominate the physical body and, incredibly, produce consciousness and spirit.
Psychiatric drugs are man-made.
They are different from medicines to heal the human body.
Psychiatric medications cause effects similar to human emotions and can dominate conscious behavior.
They heal the human soul.
They are a sort of second structure of our chemical composition
capable of generating or altering various types of emotions.
But the titles do not explain the works,
instead it is more like a relationship of editing
between the work and the name of the psychiatric drug associated with it.

- He Wei