Giovanna Rasario – Light

New York - 04/11/2015 : 24/11/2015

La pittrice Giovanna Rasario presenta a New York una serie di dipinti elaborati nel corso degli ultimi anni, in cui evidente è l’attenzione quasi maniacale al rapporto fra la luce e il colore.


  • Luogo: ARTIFACT
  • Indirizzo: 84 Orchard St, NY 10002 - New York
  • Quando: dal 04/11/2015 - al 24/11/2015
  • Vernissage: 04/11/2015 ore 18-20
  • Autori: Giovanna Rasario
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale
  • Sito web:

Comunicato stampa

La pittrice Giovanna Rasario presenta a New York una serie di dipinti elaborati nel corso degli ultimi anni, in cui evidente è l’attenzione quasi maniacale al rapporto fra la luce e il colore, generando una senso di smaterializzazione dell’opera d’arte. Grazie anche all’ampiezza dei supporti si genera nello spettatore un’immersione totale nell’orizzonte astratto della Rasario

Nella pittura attuale dell’artista cogliamo il tentativo maturo di consegnarci con maggiore urgenza, in forma estetica, le sue recenti conquiste mentali che, attraverso la forma del colore, ci portano, oltre la soglia del visibile, nei meandri dell’io fino a conquistarlo nelle sue contraddizioni violente che ora esplodono, ora si placano.

ARTIFACT is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by an Italian artist Giovanna Rasario. An opening reception for the artist will be held on Wednesday November 4, from 6 to 8 PM.
Paintings by Giovanna Rasario announce themselves with a certain gentleness and authority. At the heart of this artist's work is his evident impulse to offer the viewer an experience that is grounded, yet keenly aware of the need for an interplay of immateriality and a reference to a transcendent reality to co-exist within each canvas.

Giovanna Rasario’s visual world is a fully integrative one that skillfully employs techniques and processes that recall nature and its patterning. On the other hand, the organizational impulses in her work are reflective of the artist’s combining of a world of platonic order conjoined with a rhapsodic, near-Dionysian universe of energetic order. Her work explores the contemporaneous world in which we live sensed through our apprehension of the ephemeral and the contingent.

The energetic surges in the artist’s oil paintings are made manifest through the oppositional visual tugs between loosely applied colors seen through transparencies, washes and overlaps. This atmospheric overlay of skeins of paint seems to have been painted as a response to outside stimuli, perhaps registering the artist’s emotions. Or else, the artist’s point of departure was the burst of energy, which becomes an unfurling linear formations that connote a dynamic internal world suggestive of an internal world churning and in constant motion. Activated by a rigorous underlying pictorial principles that map out the surface structure of her works in coherent sections, the artist's process involves a decentering, a rejection of absolute value judgements, an acceptance of paradox, a recognition of relativism, as a well as a trusting in chance procedures and a notion of cyclical.

Rasario uses canvas as the site of her self-examinations. As with all genuine artists her quest is devoted to the posing of major questions on the relational roles stability and instability as well as order and chaos play in our psyches. She turns her interrogations into large bright lights of activity meant to illuminate the experience of self-abandonment in pictorial space that is both extra linguistic, as well as a force field of physical, gestural and tactile activity. The underpinnings of each art piece are clear enough: the artist has developed her pictorial language as a means of summing up the constraining forces of social and private behavior

The paintings by Giovanna Rasario are genuine and real. Her intentions are restrained and purposeful and her work has emerged as identifiably and authentically hers and hers alone. It refers to the natural world experienced through the energy and flow of her patterns that are formalized through scale, color and texture. The artist allows the eye to slow down and to see the forces of life that make drawing a testament to the forces of vitality.

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