Ginevra Taccola / Matteo Pellegrino – Phase change

Milano - 15/03/2018 : 13/04/2018

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Comunicato stampa

//Phase change///
Or the manipulation of the matter
with Ginevra Taccola and Matteo Pellegrino

Camp Design Gallery presents two talents of the matter in comparison with “Passaggio di stato”.

Matteo Pellegrino and Ginevra Taccola explore the approach of two antithetical materials: the polyurethane foam and resin, normally used for the production of thermal insulation sheets, born thanks to a chemical synthesis study between the First and Second World War in Germany and OrangeBi, a new organic material conceived by the same Ginevra Taccola and made by processing industrial waste of orange peels

Both acute observers of reality and sensitive translators of concepts in objects, Ginevra Taccola and Matteo Pellegrino share an important creative journey, in which for both the meeting with a mentor was a further push to research and to test over, venturing paths that in one way or another have led them today to a moremature creative awareness.