Palermo - 17/06/2018 : 17/06/2018

La galleria Francesco Pantaleone promuove un progetto dei Gelitin, ospitato nella Villa Chiaramonte Bordonaro ai Colli. Curata da Francesco Pantaleone, con Agata Polizzi e Ignazio Martellaro, il progetto è supportato da Gaia Palma Bordonaro.


Comunicato stampa

Organised by Francesco Pantaleone with Agata Polizzi and Ignazio Mortellaro and supported by Gaia Palma Bordonaro, Gelitin takes place at Villa Chiaramonte Bordonaro ai Colli.

Gelitin is a group of four artist from Vienna (Austria) The group was formerly known as gelatin and changed their name in 2005. They are known for creating sensational art events in the tradition of Relation Aesthetics, often with a lively sense of humor.

Among their projects are a gigantic plush toy: a 55 metre tall pink rabbit (near Genova) intended to remain there until 2025

In November 2005, the group had a show at Leo Koenig, Inc. in New York, a project called “Tantamounter 24/7.” The project was a “gigantic, complex and very clever machine,” according to the artists, which functioned as a kind of art-Xerox. The group erected a barrier blocking off one half of the space, locking themselves inside for one week, then asking visitors to insert items that they wanted copied into an opening in the barrier, which copies were then returned through another opening