Future Rhythms

Venezia - 21/11/2015 : 22/11/2015

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  • Luogo: SALE DOCKS
  • Indirizzo: Dorsoduro 265 - Venezia - Veneto
  • Quando: dal 21/11/2015 - al 22/11/2015
  • Vernissage: 21/11/2015 ore 16
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, collettiva

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Future Rhythms
Nine Dragon Heads with Joan of Art:

To mark the end of 'Jump into the Unknown', a collateral event of the 56th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, organised by Nine Dragon Heads.


Docks si trova ai Magazzini del Sale, Dorsoduro 265
21-22 November 2015

Future Rhythms: Conference on Educational Strategies via the Body and Performance

In the 20th Century Carl Jung famously wrote that ‘mankind is in search of a soul’, yet in the 21st Century we are arguably searching for our bodies and of our minds, subject as we are to the runaway train of rationalism, which has reduced all things in nature to numerical values.

To get away from the crippling phenomenon of rationalisation and its irrational outcomes we must not look to leap into another-worldly realm or to a promised future. We need, rather to jump back into ourselves, into the radically unknown and unknowable ‘present'.

Future Rhythms is a two day conference hosted by SaLE in conjunction with Nine Dragon Heads and Joan of Art. It will bring together visual artists, performers, VJ’s and DJ’s to present audio, visual and performance works that educate via their form and physically move the public, or that engage in themes of embodiment and the reclaiming of physicality and physical space.

The event will be divided into performances, video screenings, workshops and round table discussions both in SaLE Docks and outside, engaging the public. There will also be a party in which DJ's, VJ’s and performers are invited to respond to the above themes.


21st November
16:00 - Introduction: Mike Watson and Girolamo Marri
From 16:15:
​​Channa Boon: Python and Marangona
Andrea Liu: No more Panopticon!
Robert Pettena: The Torture of Education
Andrew Rutt: Mind Your Own Business
Simone Bertugno: Non Conference
To follow >>> Reflection and Spritz, with Girolamo Marri

22nd November
12:30 - Graham Hudson: Work Out
13:00 - No Picnic, Hosted by Gabriel Adams
(outside SaLE along the Giudecca Canal, Bring Food to Share)
14:00 - Mark O'Rourke: Open Air Painting Class, 'Seeing is Believing'
15:15 - Juha Huuskonen: Learning Attitudes
16:00 - Manuel Beltran and Andrea Liu: Drenched in Affect
16:40 - Girolamo Marri: Concluding Remarks
17:00 - Return to Mark O'Rourkes painting class and hang works

<<< From 19:30 Future Rhythms Party! ​​>>>

Filippo Riniolo (ongoing) - Dēmiurgòs
19:45: Channa Boon - Python and Marangona
20:30: Bram Arnold - The Exological Thought is Thinking
21:10: Simone Bertugno - Non Convert Part 2 / Sconcerto
22:00: Antti Tenetz in collaboration BeigeHarma, music Kristian Ekholm - Leviathan
23:00: DJ - Jaakko Mattila

Event Organizer: Mike Watson
Organzational Team: Raggio di Luna Orsi
Gabriel Adams
Moderator: Girolamo Marri


Nine Dragon Heads is an interdisciplinary platform where artists from across the 5 continents work in locations that may be environmentally, economically or politically troubled, following important cultural, historical and geopolitical routes.

Initiated in South Korea in 1995 in response to the destruction of an important historical site, Nine Dragon Heads has evolved to address varying crises and transitory situations in localised and situation-specific ways.

The title of the project “Jump into the Unknown” refers to the inherently spontaneous nature of the International Environmental Art Symposium which will react to the particular geographic and environmental situation of Venice and la Biennale di Venezia.

The aim of the project ‘Joan of Art: Towards a Free Education System’ is to deliver a free education system, starting from the very basis of what education is: The sharing of information. In the first stages the very notion of education will be explored so that a new system can be delivered which recognises the value of knowledge sharing between peers and across disciplines. Finally a free accredited system will be set up in such a way that it can be delivered from anywhere in the world, growing and changing organically as it disperses via accessible communication platforms.

In this way it is intended to break the monopoly that the State-Business model has over education.