Drawing quote

Roma - 21/12/2012 : 21/12/2012

59 artists, da Amann to Zrnec…


  • Indirizzo: Via del Gesù 84 - Roma - Lazio
  • Quando: dal 21/12/2012 - al 21/12/2012
  • Vernissage: 21/12/2012 ore 18
  • Generi: serata – evento

Comunicato stampa

59 artists, from Amann to Zrnec…
a very subjective choice, neither a curated nor a selected show. the selection was obviously made
by itself as i flipped through my adress book and selected some people very randomly to invite
the invitation was simple: a small work on paper, maximum the size of a fedex-standard shipping
box, shall be sent to vienna from where all the works together went off in the box to rome

there was no theme, neither a specific context for the show, i decided to "quote" each of the sent
in works with pictorial references, from images i researched mostly in internet picture data-bases,
wheter from art or any other context, and design a small magazine/pdf, which functions as a sort
of "false/fake catalogue/publication" for the show, that adds a certain coherence and refers to the
title of "(drawing) quote" itself.
Nick Oberthaler