Didier Guillon – Tintswalo African Colors

Milano - 11/10/2021 : 18/10/2021

Fondation Valmont presenta a Milano alla Casa degli Artisti una nuova mostra di arte contemporanea con le opere di Didier Guillon.


Comunicato stampa

“As he meets the Tsonga people, Ivo takes the name of Tintswalo and dresses up with all African colors, for a new colorful episode of The Elegant Symmetry of the Gorilla.”

Didier Guillon

Cape Town

January 2019

Ivo the cubist gorilla of the Berlin Zoo unveils its latest artistic expressions… which will bloom around the world in 2020 and 2021

The second narration of its emotions led by Didier Guillon, after their first encounter in the Berlin Zoo in 2017… when his youngest daughter Valentine, saddened by its sorrowful gaze, asked her father to open its cage and let the animal escape.

Fed by his insatiable imagination, he gave multiple lives to the massive gorilla… hence giving birth to his first solo art exhibition, The Elegant Symmetry of the Gorilla.

As he traveled in South Africa in 2019, Didier Guillon was captured by the richness of local colors and patterns… which echoed in his mind with the angular silhouette of his gorilla. He hence conceived a second opus around his iconic animal figure, with over 20 artworks.

The Artist creates a spectacular array of metal, paper and glass executions featuring the gorilla, brought to life with vibrant textures, colors and patterns appended on its iconic cubist silhouette.

Un gorilla a Milano. È opera dell’artista e collezionista Didier Guillon

Con “Tintswalo” l’artista e collezionista Didier Guillon, già presidente di Valmont, nome di riferimento nella cosmesi di lusso, porta alla Casa degli Artisti di Milano le linee ormai celebri del gorilla Ivo, che da anni accompagna la sua storia personale e creativa. E per il futuro tanta Venezia e più di un passaggio di testimone.