Arianna Carossa – Eroismi

Milano - 25/09/2012 : 09/11/2012

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  • Indirizzo: Via Pestalozzi 10 - Milano - Lombardia
  • Quando: dal 25/09/2012 - al 09/11/2012
  • Vernissage: 25/09/2012 ore 18.30
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale
  • Orari: mar-ven ore 15-20 o su app
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Comunicato stampa

The Format – Contemporary Culture Gallery is glad to present "Heroism" , Arianna Carossa's exhibition

The artist present a series of ready made specially realized for The Format Show.

“Where time of nature still prevails on man's time, from end May to September herdsmen bring cows to pasture. In pasture the animal eats genuinely, air filters through his nostrils and his hair, moving as such his slow body needs

Also on a slope steeper its hooves are taken on the grass and his stand on all fours makes firmly to the ground, sure in that position cannot fall. Cow listens what's around, sniffs and in this awareness, with the ability to stay in place without risking the unknown, it fulfills its existence.
The same behavior can not ask the man. First, for its diversity in terms of ontological difference from the animal the human being is a body with culture and provided with a language. Secondly, for his confidence without limits which begins to manifest itself by walking through four "legs" to the position erecta, declared officially open the challenge with the force of gravity.
Human being is clumsy in his actions, he gets by in his own world searching an impossible perfection. He's one but relation, transformation, process: a cluster of stars, and it is through an act that the individual identity is expressed leaving a trace behind. Still today we read feats by Ulisse, Achille, Ettore or Aiace, so glorious as tragic. However, their heroism, celebrated by most illustrious writers, are becoming aware of the failure, defeat, disgrace.
The impossible, the cut off affirmation will brings the hero on the same plan of the man, making him weak, imperfect, muddled in his life on hearth and constantly torn between fear of emptiness - death and his own picture - life. As a tightrope walker balancing on rope magnetically rejected because of the fear of falling into the void below - that would be the end of his venture- also the artist feeds on his own art because it is thanks to this that he is able to light a fire that warms, a light that enlightens and awakens. While the former does his body the means and the end, the artist casts himself in another dimension, the work, living independently but at the same time author's mirror.

Arianna Carossa's ready-made are attempts to come out, hypothetical solutions to a life as possible. Assembling pure materials in the creation of irregular shapes, the artist makes his mind works and makes it visible to the world in its nakedness. The warmth of the wood of a buffet, the dark leaden when you hide in a closet, the swirling scents of a toilet for women, the transparency of a mirror are formalizations of a dense and elusive spiritual essence. The power behind the creative act of the artist is visual and concrete manifestation of a salvific will,
he is constantly looking in his practice because of his being aware ephemeral. As a Titan, who knows his fate but does not give up, the artist feels its finiteness and chooses to challenge it through small acts of heroism, tactile and mental subtle vibrations that allow him to remain in balance, suspended between extinction and survival.”( Chiara Buzzi )