Antonio Tamburro

Sankt Moritz - 15/08/2012 : 30/09/2012

Mostra personale


  • Indirizzo: Via Dal Bagn 49 - Sankt Moritz - Graubünden
  • Quando: dal 15/08/2012 - al 30/09/2012
  • Vernissage: 15/08/2012 ore 18.30
  • Autori: Antonio Tamburro
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale

Comunicato stampa

The 6° Senso Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the inauguration of Antonio Tamburro’s art exhibition which will be held on Wednesday 15th August at 18.30 at the prestigious venue Maura Wasescha at St. Moritz. After two years since the last exhibition at St. Moritz, Antonio Tamburro will be showing a series of large and medium size works of recent production, characterized by new themes such as umbrellas depicted in suggestive and chaotic metropolitan scenes

As recently written by the art critic Kasper Van Aalten referring to the Antonio Tamburro Art Exhibition held at the 6° Senso Art Gallery, « Contemporary Art does not always succeed in communicating strong and long-lasting emotions in a simple way which is able to capture the spectator immediately. I found this extremely rare quality in Antonio Tamburro’s paintings even though I was not familiar with the artist or his background. The colours in his paintings become emotions revitalized by dynamic use of the spatula and heavy brush strokes. His dynamic metropolitan scenes, sensual female figures, jazz instruments and crowds of umbrellas do not represent an illusive reality but a simple and poetic way of depicting a day-to-day reality”. Among the works exhibited there will be a large painting, two by two metres, entitled “Polo at St. Moritz” which the artist wished to create in homage to the splendid city of St. Moritz where every year in the month of February the World Ice Polo championships are held. The exhibition will continue until 30th September 2012.