Alberto Fiori – Detail Overruns Detail

Torino - 22/06/2017 : 22/07/2017

Mostra personale


  • Luogo: NEOCHROME
  • Indirizzo: Via Stampatori 4 10122 - Torino - Piemonte
  • Quando: dal 22/06/2017 - al 22/07/2017
  • Vernissage: 22/06/2017 ore 18
  • Autori: Alberto Fiori
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale
  • Orari: su appuntamento

Comunicato stampa

NEOCHROME is pleased to present Detail Overruns Detail, the second solo show at the gallery by Alberto Fiori.

Through the investigation of possibilities and limitations between images, paintings and sculptures, Alberto Fiori presents the role of interactivity as the foundation of his artistic output. His practice is influenced by artists whose work is based on the exploration of unconventional materials and approaches in painting.

Detail Overruns Detail explores the concept of (real or figurative) space and introduces the notion of time in the works

Abstract in form, the pieces can be defined as operations of subtraction showing us an image in abstraction rather than abstractions for their own sake.

The paintings are executed through operations with limited control over the materials, leaving space for the unexpected in the formation of aesthetic positions. The deployment and selection of the materials place the act of painting outside the painterly sphere, to determine a new relationship between mark making and surface where the focus shift from the subject to the medium itself.

Portions or details of images are selected, enlarged and printed to a preset size, then retraced with casting rubber on perspex screens for transfer onto canvas. In three paintings a detail of an antique tapestry pose as a source-image, which conveys a dual value, that of and object and that of an image. Distorted and altered images are the results of this technique, opposing the precision of the photographic medium and the fine finishing of the tapestries; to the chaotic combination of signs and pigments.Once transferred on canvas the images can no longer be traced back to the original, bringing together two opposite ideas, the unlimited reproduction of a digital file and the uniqueness of the work.

These works develop methodological and visual juxtapositions - the opposition of photographic representation with an abstract pictorial approach, the application of generative and destructive forces, the order and precision of the details with the accidental combination of the pigments. This strategy allows to transcend the traditional notion of support and surface, creating works that interact with real and imaginary space. The enlargement of details compresses the space, bringing the viewer closer to the image even from a distance. The space of the painting exposed to changes between surface and depth makes the fragments of an image emerge through a positive-negative background and foreground relationship.

Time is pivotal for the exhibition, in fact Fiori expresses time through the repetition of an image and the idea of simultaneity: multiple elements coexist - the before and after, the space and dimensions, the image and object. The three same source-image paintings, show a continuous repetition of a present moment potentially infinite, and show how time overwrite the values of our everyday experience.

Alberto Fiori was born in 1985 in Pordenone, lives and works in London, UK.