56. Biennale – Te doy mi palabra (I give you my word)

Venezia - 08/05/2015 : 22/11/2015

Il progetto Te doy mi palabra (I give you my word) rappresenta la Repubblica Bolivartana del Venezuela alla 56. Biennale di Venezia.


Comunicato stampa

During the last years, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has become the epicenter of intense debates and polemics. All of them turn around the proposal for a socialist construction set out by Simón Bolívar's people. This debate has gone beyond the borders, penetrating other societies. One of the main features of social change dynamics is the fact that no space is immune to the desire to transform, to permanently talk and work on new ideas and from different points of view

Under the title "I give you my word" Venezuela is one more time present at the 56th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia. This exhibition's proposal is made up of the work by visual artist Argelia Bravo and by the street artist best known as Flix. The curatorial proposal has been in charge of Oscar Sotillo, who has established a model based on words as a reference point for these two visual creators, so that they can talk to each other, and with the audience of the Venezuelan pavilion in Venice. In the curatorial text, Sotillo states that "Behind every artistic creation there is a textual sublayer that may be the protagonist or the conceptual scaffold. Words and their images are permanent reasons for reflection and infinite sources from which visual creators endeavor to build new lectures, images, sentences, stories, poetry and, again, shape and image. In this exhibition, Venezuelan people give their word of solidarity and commitment to the construction of a fairer world - a world where the sense of dignity, of independence, of respect for Mother Earth, and of fight for justice and beauty represent the most profound sense of human existence." Curator/Commissioner: Oscar Sotillo Meneses
Deputy commissioner: Reinaldo Landaeta Díaz
Deputy curator: Morella Jurado
Argelia Bravo Félix Molina (Flix)