55. Biennale – Padiglione paraguaiano

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Campo San Stae 1882, Venezia, Italia
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ore 17

Sito web: http://www.bienaldevenecia-paraguay.com
Pedro Barrail, Felix Toranzos, Diana Rossi, Daniel Milessi
Osvaldo Gonzalez Real
arte contemporanea, collettiva

The Encyclopedic Palace of Paraguay è il progetto che rappresenta il Paraguay alla Biennale di Venezia.

Comunicato stampa

This year the Government of Paraguay takes part in the International Art Exhibition for the first time, with works of four Paraguayan artists shown in the exhibition titled The Encyclopedic Palace of Paraguay. Pedro Barrail presents his work, "View of Point", with an intervention in the main room of Palazzo Carminati. The internal facade would be erased by its own image, which has printed in the center a red dot: "You are not here". The work is inspired by the writings of Josefina Plá. The proposal of Daniel Milessi, "Yasururu Sororo" (invasion?) refers to the history of successive invaders of Guarani country (now Paraguay) through the Game of War, a video which presents a revisionist conception of history, from colonial days to the present. Diana Rossi was inspired by a prehistoric fossil, found recently in Paraguay. This is an installation that represents the anteater ("yurumi") totemic animal of the indigenous tribe Ache-Guayakí of Paraguay. For them this mammal is considered genitor, sacred ancestor and icon of the ancient inhabitants of this land. The work of Felix Toranzos is characterized by a proposal that intends to continue in time, the architectural design, octagonal, called in greek "Horologion", of the Andronico of Cirro (late first century B.C.) and that appears after 2000 years repeated in the dome of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Asuncion, Paraguay.