55. Biennale – Padiglione croato

Venezia - 29/05/2013 : 24/11/2013

Il progetto Between the Sky and the Earth / Tra il cielo e la terra rappresenta la Croazia alla Biennale di Venezia.


Comunicato stampa

Through the dreams we create narratives of an arbitrary hierarchy and express the resistance to the image of the world which is conformist and imposed by the society

Is so that Kata Mijatovic's art – selected to represent Croatia at 55th Venice Biennale – comes to life in the remembering, archiving, and recreating of dreams, both her own ones and other people's, ranging from texts and interactive forms, public actions, installations, publishing and performances, to the artistic climax of showing them in a single work uniting projection and performance, which literally visualizes the duality of separated worlds.Her strategy is based on the deliberation of the social role of art and the responsibility of the artist, and aspires to balance the conscious and subconscious parameters in the construction of an image of the world which will finally lead to an emancipated and balanced civilization. To accomplish this Kata Mijatovic has come up with an open and globally accessible online archive of dreams. It is constantly enriched with uploads and populated through a Facebook profile Arhiv Snova (Dream Archive) and it continues onto the multi-disciplinary website www.arhivsnova.hr .The final aim of the archive is to become the tool and the subject matter of a cooperation between different sectors which analyse subconscious in order to understand human existence, and the existence in general. Dream Archive is a social sculpture and represents the final amalgamation of Kata Mijatovic's artistic vision into the area of social consciousness, and a means of globally disseminating the information on the subconscious. The interactive Archive will be presented in the Pavilion in an iron cage, suspended mid-air, which will be open to the public for exploration. A dynamic, multi-media compendium of Kata Mijatovic's artworks based around the subject of dreams and dreaming will be presented on monitors around this central installation.