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InvisibleStudio was founded in 2007 by Stefania Boiano and Giuliano Gaia, two former museum professionals with a strong personal record in cultural innovation, having worked in museums and cultural institutions in Italy, UK and USA since 1997. We are deeply rooted in the great European humanistic tradition; we cherish the timeless lesson of the Renaissance, when art and science were deeply connected into a holistic vision with the Human Being at the very centre. At the same time our gaze is fixed into the future. We have started working with digital communication since the very first years of the web, and we keep on experimenting with the newest technologies and design tendencies, always exploring new ways to communicate art and culture.

Musei e visite virtuali: come salvaguardare l’elemento umano

Giuliano Gaia e Stefania Boiano, fondatori di InvisibleStudio, organismo che offre consulenza a musei e istituzioni, approfondiscono il tema delle esperienze virtuali connesse alle sedi…

del 9 Aprile 2020