The Stateless Immigrants Pavilion

Venezia - 05/06/2011 : 15/06/2011

Un'occupazione dei Giardini durante la Biennale di Venezia, in puro stile pirata.


  • Indirizzo: Fondamenta Dell'Arsenale - Venezia - Veneto
  • Quando: dal 05/06/2011 - al 15/06/2011
  • Vernissage: 05/06/2011
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, serata – evento, collettiva

Comunicato stampa

We, the Anonymous Stateless Immigrants, will construct a “Stateless

Immigrant’s Pavilion” by occupying the Giardini during the Venice

Biennale (June 5-15), pirate style, and we need your help!

This is a call for participation to claim space for stateless

immigrants in between the erected pavilions of all the nations for a

sit-in with tents, bbq, music, dancing, etc

In solidarity with the

Spanish Revolution and other emancipatory movements, our actions are

closely aligned with our brothers and sisters all over the world who

are struggling against the suffocating encroachment of capitalism in

all its manifestations and forms. Advocating nomad-ism, autonomy and

anonymity as alternatives to the representational border politics

inherent within the structure of the biennale itself, this is a call

for artists, activists and local people of Venice to join us!

You could do so by replying to this email for further organizational

support or forward it to relevant people in your network. More

information about our statement can be found attached, but please do

not hesitate to contact us directly for more info etc!