Dora Garcia – The Inadequate

Venezia - 01/06/2011 : 27/11/2011

Il progetto The Inadequate di Dora Garcia rappresenterà la Spagna alla Biennale di Venezia.


Comunicato stampa

The Inadequate

The Inadequate is the project that occupies the Spanish pavilion in the Giardini during the Venice Biennale 2011.

The Inadequate is an extended performance, made of objects, conversations, monologues, theatre, silences and debate. The protagonists of this multiple, collective performance, spanning several generations, with a strong accent in the Italian scene as an object of research, are experts in the notion of ‘inadequacy’. They represent independent, underground, dissident, unofficial, marginal and exiled positions

What does ‘inadequate’ mean? In this respect, we refer to the following quote by Erving Goffman in Encounters (1961): ‘To be awkward or unkempt, to talk or move wrongly, is to be a dangerous giant, a destroyer of worlds. As every psychotic and comic ought to know, any accurately improper move can poke through the thin sleeve of immediate reality.’

The performance will extend throughout the duration of the Biennale: from 1 June to end November.

On this internet site you can follow the calendar for those objects, conversations, monologues, theatre, silences and debate. You can download the publications corresponding to this research, Mad Marginal cahiers #1 & #2, and the Performance guide. You can follow LIVE the unique, written documentation of this extended performance: Instant Narrative. And finally you can contribute to its on-line diary, made by many: Wall: visit and publish.

For an easier navigation, the complex notion of ‘inadequacy’ has been divided into the following sections: Deviazione, Radicalità, Outsider, Esclusione, Linguaggio, Censura, Basaglia and Notes in the margin.