Zsolt Berszán – Decomposition

Venezia - 06/06/2014 : 06/07/2014

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Comunicato stampa

The present exhibition focuses on the notion of decomposition in the context of the human body. The human body does not stay in one piece after death, it does not become transubstantiated and does not rise to the heavens, as the body of the Virgin Mary did: rather, it falls into pieces, gets rotten and destroyed. This is the ultimate trauma of human life.According to Berszán's works, history also consists of parables of decomposition, it is made of stories of wars and murders, that is, stories of physical decay

In the sensitive, densely woven lines of his drawings one may recognise the "graveyards" of the Holocaust: piles of corpses, derogatory, soulless bodies, rotting remains. His oil-silicon pictures, though they are inspired by Malevich's notion of reduction, are still figurative due to their powerful, structured surfaces. However, this figurativity is not based on identification, but rather on the deconstruction of the composition.Each and every work at the exhibition is black. Here even water – which symbolizes life in his objects – evokes the thought of death. Yet, the effect is not only painful and horrible, but also cathartic and uplifting: Decomposition leads the spectator into the semantic field of the sacred.