Where Do Streams Run To ?

Milano - 03/04/2019 : 07/04/2019

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Where Do Streams Run To ?

Lucas Hirsh x Damien & The Love Guru

works by:
Christiane Blattmann
Hadrien du Roy
Elin Gonzalez
Jannis Marwitz
George Rippon
Sami Schlichting
Sharon Van Overmeiren

Opening : Wednesday, 3. April 2019 6-9 pm

Exhibition will be on view during miart
4. April - 7. April 2019
11 - 6 pm

Via Rossini, 3, 20122 Milano


It all started a 17th of January, one million years ago.
A man took a dry sponge and dropped it into a bucket full of water

Who the man was is not important.
He is dead, but art is alive.
I mean, let's keep names out of this.
As I was saying, at about 10 o'clock, a 17th of January,
one million years ago,
a man sat alone by the side of a running stream.
He thought to himself:
Where do stream run to, and why ?
Meaning why do they run,
or why do they run where they run.
That sort of thing.
Personally, I once observed a baker at work.
Then a blacksmith and a shoemaker.
At work.
And I noticed that the use of water was essential to their work.
But perhapse what I have noticed is not important.

- Robert Filliou: The Eternal Network Presents


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