Way out

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Ripa di Porta Ticinese 113, Milano , Milano, Italia
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Andrea Salvetti, Massimo Uberti, Daniele Papuli, Richard Hutten, Wouter Klein Velderman, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange, Markus Benesch, Simona Cardinetti, Paolo Giordano, Nuala Goodman, Tejo Remy, Renè Veenhuizen
Paolo Giordano
arte contemporanea, collettiva

Mostra collettiva dal titolo: Intersecting visions from the worlds of art and design.

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WAY OUT is an exhibition which opens at Spazioborgogno, Milan on 7th of April,featuring authors working in the
areas of design and art.
This exhibition is a meeting point of different paths, each artist having created his own autonomously.
It could be defined as a crossroads where everyone brings his own history and experiences. Or a series of incursions
where what each creative has in common is an original means of expression, the ability to define his own
rules and to express them clearly in an individual language. None of these creatives can be given a precise label.
And so, in WAY OUT we find ‘frameworks’ by Rainer Xaver Sedelmeier, skeletal iron furniture, where the gaps
become the synthesis of a pure and radical aesthetic representation. The installations of Markus Benesch references
to historic designs from the 1970s, filtered by the digital age and an ambiguous and illusionistic perceptiveness.
The visions and objects of Paolo Giordano suggest an Indian landscape and India’s daily culture, in a
surprising balance between photography and design. Colorful stripes, traces of digitalized movement, marks of
a dilated time become Richard Hutten’s leitmotif for a photographic series and for a new collection of objects.
Simona Cardinetti’s projections of colours and stripes onto a white vase speak of an unwavering and absolute
attention to stylistic perfection. Andrea Salvini’s works in metal are sculptures which are also objects rather than
objects which want to be sculptures; we see too his love of cooking and the rituals of the kitchen permeating this
recent work. A crazily scenographic alligator emerges from a floor, attentive and threatening, Pietro Russo new
dreamlike work complements his wise and poetic designs.Nuala Goodman’s rug as a vertical garden reinvents
the traditional manufacturing techniques of oriental weavers by employing a vocabulary of colorful threads.
Daniel Papuli’s aerial installations dematerialize in cascades of paper, communicating emotions that usually only
natural wonders can. Tejo Remy and René Vanhuizeen’s objects which, when observing them reveal to us the
processes that produced them are at once naive, obvious and sincere.
The artists taking part in this exhibition, all habitués of Spazioborgogno are three:
Massimo Uberti usually draw his environments with light, on this occasion he has selected an object which is
iconic for every designer: the chair. His interpretation is extravagant, once again working with light and turning
the object’s meaning upsidedown.
Eric de Giraudet Baudemange, who takes a simple object like a club of wood, declining it in an infinite palette of
color variations which makes a nod to minimalist decor. A popular pastime still practiced in northern France, once
a game played by professional lumberjacks, here it becomes the pretext for one of his anthropological investigations
into sports and games which have fallen into disuse.
Wouter Klein Velderman injects new life into everyday objects such as an overused sofa or an old coffee table,
recovering them with soft furnishings using his sewing machine. Unusually for a sculptor this has always been
his favorite instrument for the realization of original and soft plastic forms.
And finally the bizarre pop objects of a tribal India where unknown women have left the furniture container straight
out of a fairy tale.
Lastly, observing these items gathered together in WAY OUT at Spazioborgogno it becomes clear that beyond
any definition that we wish to give you emerges a new type of object that has lost the practical functionality of a
mass product and acquired the new feature ‘different’ to which we have become accustomed through the world
of contemporary art.
Paolo Giordano