Tomás Saraceno – RAVE East Side residency

Codroipo - 25/07/2016 : 31/07/2016

Tutti gli eventi si svolgono a Villa Manin.


Comunicato stampa

At the end of his Philosophical Investigations, Wittgenstein writes that if a lion could speak, we would not be able to understand it. During Tomás Saraceno’s RAVE East Side residency at Villa Manin, the artist will let go of a referential conception of language that instigated Wittgenstein’s statement veering instead towards interspecific communication in a more-than-human world. In a constant move towards attunement, Saraceno’s residency continues a profound interest in sensing as a modality that allows different meanings to emerge.

July 28, 18.00h. LECTIO MAGISTRALIS TOMAS SARACENO [conference hall Barchessa di Levante]

July 30, 21.00h

NIGHT OF DIALOGUE: ANIMAL SPACES with: Tomás Saraceno, Antonio Giusa, Stefano Boeri, Hans Ulrich Obrist (tbc), Almut Grüntuch-Ernst, Giulia Ferracci, Valentina Sonzogni, Leonardo Caffo, and Mylène Ferrand

All events will take place at Villa Manin, Piazza Manin, 10, 33033 Passariano, Codroipo UD, Italy. For further information please visit: //