Teodora Axente – The Presence of Absence

Ortisei - 15/12/2017 : 28/02/2018

Mostra personale


  • Indirizzo: Pontives 8 - 39046 - Ortisei - Trentino Alto Adige
  • Quando: dal 15/12/2017 - al 28/02/2018
  • Vernissage: 15/12/2017 ore 19
  • Autori: Teodora Axente
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale
  • Orari: Tue - Fri: 15 – 18h and on appointment

Comunicato stampa

We are happy to invite you the 15th of Dezember to the opening of the second solo exhibition of Teodora Axente in our gallery, starting at 19.00h. Looking forward to celebrate with you another exhibition with a good glass of wine in the spirit of the approaching Winter Season!

In her paintings, Teodora Axente shows female and male figures dressed in opulent garments reminiscent of stage costumes in theatrical-like spaces. But their movements, their demeanour and the expressions on their faces take us into another world, far beyond external appearance and theatrical representation

By withdrawing from the reality that surrounds them, these figures represent the passage to a world that is different from ours.

Teodora Axente (Romania, 1984) belongs to the younger generation of the Fabrica de Pensule in Cluj, Romania, an artist community in an old brush factory that became a cultural center over the last years. She did her MFA and PHD at the Univerisity of Art and Design, Cluj Romania and a year of Erasmus in France at the École Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Rennes. She lives and works in Cluj.