Seven Brothers

Milano - 18/04/2012 : 18/04/2012

Performance nell'ambito della Caribic Residency di Alex Cecchetti.


Comunicato stampa

Caribic Residency is a nomadic Kunstverein and 2-day artist residency. Starting in a former Caribbean bar in Frankfurt, it has since moved annually, first to Hamburg, then Lisbon.

After almost a year in Lisbon, we head back North and spend a few weeks traveling the lowlands of Europe looking for signs, only to arrive at the crossroads. We're going to Rome next week!

The first residency in Rome is the last residency of Lisbon, bringing back number 36: Alex Cecchetti

Titled 'Love Residency' there will be a screening, conversations at the bar and a performance over the course of 2 days in varying locations in Rome.