Venezia - 06/06/2014 : 31/10/2014

La mostra, organizzata dalla Fundació Sorigué, curata da DOMAIN, è parte del programma ufficiale di Eventi Collaterali della 14a Mostra Internazionale di Architettura – La Biennale di Venezia.


Comunicato stampa

PLANTA: a building and a project exhibition.
official Collateral Event – 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia
Located in the quarry “La Plana del Corb” close to Balaguer (Lleida, Spain), PLANTA is a building designed by
KAAN Architecten for the Grupo and Fundació Sorigué. PLANTA is a fixed landmark in an ever-changing
landscape. It’s primarily a concept, the materialization of a vision that wants to hold together architecture, art,
research, company identity, and environment

PLANTA will be effectively built in and from the quarry following the contours of the hills that define the
boundary between the higher excavation plateau and the agricultural landscape. The platform houses three areas:
visitor entrance and warehouse, collection hall, and staff entrance with offices; all connected by multiple circulation
routes. Black and grey rooms are excavated to create “curiosity rooms” and are in a tight dialogue with cut alleys
that point the main walls of the blocks allowing for spontaneous paths. The thickness of the walls transforms a
simple wall into a room and the visit into a physical experience. The three different areas will occupy half of the
platform leaving space for future expansions and developments.
During the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, as an official Collateral Event, will open
“PLANTA”, the project exhibition organized by Fundació Sorigué, curated by the Dutch office DOMAIN. The
Conservatorio di Musica “Benedetto Marcello” di Venezia will house an installation with three main interventions: a
1:100 model of KAAN Architecten’s design of PLANTA made by Vincent de Rijk and DOMAIN inserted into a 15m
long plinth representing an abstract section of the quarry, hand sculpted using sand and aggregates extracted from
the very ground the building will soon occupy. Six art books and a film projection by Armin Linke’s Studio filmed
in the quarry together with Giuseppe Ielasi and Renato Rinaldi; and a PLANTA sounds room by Renato Rinaldi.
PLANTA will be officially presented at the Conservatorio on June 6th, 2014 at 10.30am followed by the
second edition of “Talking Architecture. Fundació Sorigué”, a panel debate on “Materiality, Volume and
Space”. Guests in Venice are Chris Dercon (director of Tate Modern London), Mark Wigley (dean of GSAPP
Columbia University), Iñaki Ábalos (chair of architecture at Harvard GSD), Ole Bouman (critic, co-curator of the 5th
UABB), and Ricardo Devesa (ETSAB) as moderator.
PLANTA is a building designed by KAAN Architecten.