Nick Oberthaler / Nico Vascellari – Cabrio

Roma - 16/09/2017 : 11/11/2017

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Comunicato stampa

“It is just this relationship between indulgence in the material and the ontological, and the need for responsibility and critical objectivity, that defines the arena of painting.” Dan Walsh, in: Recycling, Christophe Cherix ed. (Cabinet des estampes Genève/JRP Editions, 2002) p. 27.

Nick Oberthaler proposes a site-specific framework for his exhibition: by using pigment and binder on the walls and ceiling, re-structuring the yet still fresh white cube of the gallery space to conceptualize a setting within the existing boundaries of the space, to render possible a new consideration – a staging without a stage

To perform a dialogue within this framework, Nick Oberthaler invited the artist Nico Vascellari to become his counterpart. Both of them share an interest in certain ambiguities regarding the use/amalgamate of material and content, the mapping of space and its transformation into new significance, but then, also a dialogue about painting (in and within space) and its (potential) thresholds.