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Via Le Botteghe 56, Capri, Italia
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from Tuesday to Sunday, h. 6 pm – 10.30 pm


ore 18,30

arte contemporanea, collettiva

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The summer season at the venue base in Capri of the gallery AICA | Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art starts with the exhibition Mondi Paralleli, a project of four talented artists: Marco Abbamondi, Dario Agrimi, Enrico Minguzzi e Barbara Nati. On display about 20 works, including works on canvas, photographs and sculptures. Parallel Worlds are personal considerations on the representation of the reality around us. Each of these young artists has been able to interpret, through a very contemporary and captivating language, a point of view which turns from personal into universal. Parallel Worlds dialogue with each other but they don’t ever cross each other, they catch the eye of the visitor and provide an interesting review on the numerous languages of contemporary art.

The works of Marco Abbamondi, 1974 Naples, are inspired by Nature: biomorphic forms mark incisively his peculiar style. In his work he expresses a "physical" relationship with the material, with the canvas, with the object.

The works of Dario Agrimi, 1980 Atri, are the result of a hyper-realistic research in which the gap between reality and fiction disappears, the figures, ranging from ironic to grotesque, lead us inevitably to question ourselves about the nature of things.

Enrico Minguzzi, 1981 Bagnacavallo, combines in his work traditional parameters and innovative solutions, with a specific interest in nature. The atmosphere of the represented landscapes can penetrate the viewer's look and makes us perceive the scent of the wood, of the leaves and of the snow.

Barbara Nati, 1980 Rome, reflectes through photography a complex world where languages meet and merge. Pictures with dreamlike atmoshpere, utopia, sometimes apocalyptic aim to analyze the chaos that reigns under the surface of the reality, looking at the reality with irony and lightness.

The exhibition will be on display until May 21.

During the season will come in succession other three important events: a great American artist and another international artist will occupy the halls of the gallery in summer up to the closing in September with a great name of Italian art.