Matthias Gabi

Milano - 12/01/2017 : 11/02/2017

Mostra personale


  • Indirizzo: Via Giorgio Giulini 5 - Milano - Lombardia
  • Quando: dal 12/01/2017 - al 11/02/2017
  • Vernissage: 12/01/2017 ore 18
  • Autori: Matthias Matthias
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale
  • Orari: su appuntamento

Comunicato stampa

The apparently slick images have bumps that cause us to stumble with any interpretation. Tiny shifts are incorporated into these photographs at every level, just as the French word objet is also a slight displacement of the German Objekt, or the English “object.” The shadows in these images fall atypically; the selection and presentation of the photographed objects stand in contradiction to simplistic critiques of capitalism or of the role of objects in art

The intentional revealing of decisions, along with unexpected combinations, refute a simple notion of objectivity.