Lianghekou: a Tujia Village of Re-Living-Together

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Cannaregio, 4924 (Gesuiti) , Venezia, Italia
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Mon – Sun 2:30pm – 7pm


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Evento Collaterale Biennale Architettura 2021.

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LIANGHEKOU: a Tujia Village of Re-Living-Together
Collateral event of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia
Palazzo Zen, Cannaregio 4924, 30121, Venice, Italy
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Presented by EMGdotART Foundation
Exhibitors: Aldo Aymonino, Giuseppe Caldarola, Dongzhu Chu, Enrico Fontanari, Cong Gong, Baofeng Li,
Haiqing Li, Lin Qin, Aihua Shao, Shikuang Tang, Yuanwen Yao, Chuan Wang, Tong Wang, Tong

The renovation of the village of Lianghekou is part of a general masterplan for the entire Tujia valley, crossed by the ancient Salt Road. In the upcoming tourism development of the valley, Lianghekou Village is expected to resume its commercial and public function and to be revitalized as a gathering place for locals and tourists. The project makes full use of the variability, flexibility and adaptability of the Gan-Lan wooden houses, typical of Tujia people. Through the transformation of the physical construction system, the ancient street is switched among different programs with topological deformations of public space from daily retailing to local market, and festival celebration.