Komisch’ Wetter

Ortisei - 07/03/2020 : 24/04/2020

Mostra collettiva.


  • Indirizzo: Pontives 8 - 39046 - Ortisei - Trentino Alto Adige
  • Quando: dal 07/03/2020 - al 24/04/2020
  • Vernissage: 07/03/2020 ore 17
  • Curatori: Siggi Hofer
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, collettiva
  • Orari: opening hours: Tue - Fri: 15 – 18h and by appointment

Comunicato stampa

At the invitation of Galleria Doris Ghetta, the artist Siggi Hofer curated the upcoming exhibition in the gallery in Pontives. With this exhibition Siggi Hofer tries to make visible the burning questions of our time, but above all a rampant general confusion

Uncertainty, over-information, the difficulties of differentiating between reality and fake in the digital age, the fear of climate change and epidemics, but also very personal feelings of insecurity, excessive demands and nervousness are what he summarizes here as KOMISCH' WETTER.